Metabolic Typing

Metabolic Typing allows you to identify your own highly individualized dietary needs. It is based on the fact that there is no single healthy diet right for all people.
Metabolic Typing is an easy to use proven technology. It is a customized nutrition protocol which uses scientific methodology to determine which foods and supplements are best for your health, and those that are not. Eating according to your Metabolic Type and incorporating supplements to support energy at the cellular level will help to address underlying conditions associated with the aging metabolism which is critical to healthy weight control and chronic disease management.


You’ll go online and answer a comprehensive questionnaire, submit the form which is sent to the lab, and results are sent to Dr. Rolle. Dr. Rolle will then contact you to schedule an appointment to discuss results, and specific nutritional plan of action. Results of this assessment include custom tailored recommendations for diet, overall nutrition guidelines, weight loss and weight management, sample meal plans and supplement recommendations.

Health Assessment

scaleTo help me prioritize your management, you’ll complete a health assessment. This step will help in prioritizing all the symptoms that affect you while I get to make good sense of it. We will be treating your body not as separate pieces and parts, but rather as a whole synergistic unit. We’ll address each area of concern monitoring and measuring improvements as we go, before moving on to the next.

Designing Your Diet Plan

drinking waterI’ll combine all the information compiled from your Health Assessment, Diet Check Records and Metabolic Typing Assessment, then design a customized eating plan just for you. You’ll send me diet record sheets that we’ll review weekly to correlate what and how you eat with how you feel. Because I am trained to see the rights and wrongs of how you’re eating, we can then make adjustments for your optimum health outcome.